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    Fonts different between CS3 and CS5 on Win7 system using the same fonts directory


      I have several files created in Fireworks CS3 that work fine. Fonts are all  installed in the system directory on my Win7 box.  This used to be a WinXP Pro  box.



      I can load a file into Fireworks CS3 without a single issue and the text all  looks perfect. The way it should.  Close CS3, open CS5 and load the same file  and CS5 tells me I have to update my fonts.  Why?  Same system, same fonts in  the same fonts directory. Only thing that's changed is that I'm opening the  file(s) in CS5.



      The fonts do not look the same in CS5.  Am I going to have to redo every  Fireworks CS3 file so that it looks correct in CS5? If so, why?



      -- Bob



      Here's a sample image the way it's supposed to look. The Swift gets hosed. PlazaDUtil is the font. I'd hate to have to redo all my logo files.