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    AS 2.0 vs. AS 3.0

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      Sorry for all the silly questions guys, i'm a newbie and this is the only place I can really get proper help. Have tried finding response to most of my questions by google or youtube video tutorials, however this is truly the place to go for help or feedback.


      So, I'm wondering... what is the difference between AS 2.0 and AS 3.0. Why would you use one more than the other, which one is easier to use and understand (for a newbie like me)? I'm currently learning AS 2.0 in school, so was wondering if it would be a big transition once I do decide to make the switch to AS 3.0?

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          sexcBoy Level 1

          Go on Youtube.com (http://www.youtube.com/) for tutorials and answers.

          AS3 is more flexible and powerful.


          HTML5 is more flexible and powerful.

          The Wallaby converter has many bugs.


          I myself moved back to HTML because of IOS users

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you are going to learn, you are better off learning what's current, AS3.  While the two languages are similar in some aspects, AS3 is more sophisticated, regimented, and powerful.  They are sufficiently different that it can make switching from one to the other difficult for some people... some people cannot manage the transition hump and continue using AS2.


            That they are teaching you AS2 in school is a sad reflection of your educators.  But if this is not intended to be so much of a Flash course as opposed to a simple multimedia-type course, then whatever they are teaching you is less relevant to what you should be learning if your intention is to learn Flash.  Chances are if they are teaching AS2, they are also teaching all of the bad coding habits that AS2 allows for, which AS3 does not, which can also make the transition a bit more difficult.

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              natdzign Level 3

              I do agree with you but I have no control over what they teach me in school. The curiculum is old. I have done a lot of complaints as they are not up to date on software. Some teachers have CS3, others CS4,and maybe one has CS5. I am only taking a 1 year multimedia course, finishing in april this year actually and, its really just the basics in multimedia in general, its not only a flash course but i do agree with you on that, id rather learn the new technology but I can only do what I am asked. I just wanted to know the difference bwteen the two. It's kind of like photoshop , illustrartor... from CS4 to CS5 or when CS6 comes out, from CS5 to CS6. Its like comparing apples with oranges. AS 2.0 vs AS 3.0 is how I see it too. If it's just some minor upgrades then why bother? if its a total different way of coding, which just makes your life that much easier with simpler codes. Then I see why AS 3.0 would be better.

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It's not a matter of simpler codes (or having an easier life... you will pull your hair out learning either version)  If you learn AS2, especially using poor practices, it makes it that much harder to make the transition to AS3.  Some people have a very difficult time with the transition, and some reject further effort after trying.  If you plan for a future in working with Flash, there is a limited future for you with AS2. It will survive for years on end, but it will always leave you less competitive.  The amount that you are learning now might be sufficient for a lifetime. Moving on to AS3 once you're past this gives you the benefit of having some experience with AS2 that you can fall back on if needed without too much difficulty.


                I have CS3 myself, have yet to upgrade, but since AS3 came into being with CS3, I decided early on that it was best to make the attempt to learn it.  And it was a bit of a struggle in various ways.  But in time I became more comfortable with it, and it became much easier to understand how to not only use what I learned, but to figure out how to use what I have not yet used.  The documentation that emerged with CS3 is much better than earlier versions which has helped greatly in the figuring out dept as well.  That they no longer provide the help documents with the software in CS4 and up is sad.

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