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    File Storage Directory ?

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I recently ran into a lack of storage problem.  I sort of forced myself into the situation to convince my employer that I really do require an external harddrive which I have now acquired.  Bascially I am working on a Dell laptop M4500, i7 core etc, that was assigned to me with a partition (D-drive) to the harddrive for media storage.  I hit a point where I maxed out my partition, and I believe Adobe started saving behind the scenes auto save, media cache files etc. to the the true C-drive on the laptop.  Well now my C-drive is maxed out.  After clearing my D-drive (Basically all my capture scratch and archived projects) and moving the contents to an external, I am struggling to locate these auto-save etc. files on my C-drive so I may relocate them back to the D-drive or external as needed based on a project.


      I did manage to locate this folder 'C:\Users\libsimpso\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\MediaCache Files' ~36 GB full of Adobe files, but there is no lower directory organization.  I can't tell what files are connected to which project etc.  All of these files have hte extension either '.pek' or '.cfa'.


      Are these files even importatn to keep or are they render files that can be recreated by opening the associated project?  It would certainly make my life easier to just delete these rather than sorting through what goes where, but either way I've got to do something to clean my c-drive and boost the comps performance again.  It seems to be running quite bogged down.


      Let me know if this requires further clarification.  I'm not sure if I explained this very well...


      Thanks for any comments or suggestions for helpful references ahead of time!



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Those files can be safely deleted.  They will be rebuilt as necessary when the project is opened.  You can change the location of those saved files in the Preferences.


          Auto saved files are always in the same folder as the project file.  There is no way to change that.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Jim is correct on the PEK & CFA files.


            For editing to/from external HDD's, you might want to see this ARTICLE for some tips, and caveats.


            Also, though you are probably under the ageis of IT, this ARTICLE on partitions might be helpful.


            Good luck,



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              lbsimpson Level 1



              Thanks for the valuable information.  I have delete the Media Cache Files on my smaller partitioned C-drive and set the preferences to save the larger partition where the rest of Adobe's project files are sitting.


              Bill thanks for sharing those articles.  Good to confirm what I had thought about partitions!  I avoid whenever I can, but yes sadly IT is in the driver's seat on this one...My personal system at home is another story.