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    How can I hide default Adobe Reader behavior?

      The last  eleven (11) years, I’ve been working as software engineer – IT  consultant, on a key area of a computer department of a big private bank  organization of Greece. My work in this area refers to software development. My  produced work runs freely to many hundreds of computers to all branches of the  organization.
      I consider it  would be useful to give you a brief description of the standing software  synthesis of the PCs that I ‘m called to support:
      Operating  system: Windows 2000, version 5, SP4
      Internet browser:  Internet Explorer, version 6
      Page reader: Adobe  Reader, version 6.0.1
      Software development tool:  Powerbuilder, version 8.0.4
      Lately I was  assigned, among others, a project in which I ‘m called to code in Powerbuilder.  This project will be in position, depending on the case, to be able to show on a  window, an instance of Internet Explorer so to run there, an ASP form an  automatic – given from my application – intranet URL address. After that, the  ASP will send there a PDF document. The plugin of Adobe Reader, which will be  already installed in general in the Internet Explorer of the PC, will be the  frontend teller - user interface for this PDF document.
      I have  accomplished all these successfully!
      But there are  unsettled some necessary custom security requirements for the specific phase  that the PDF document appears on the user’s screen through the plugin of the  instance of Internet Explorer.
      These  requirements run as follows:
      1) The user  not to be able to use any Adobe Reader shortcuts, except that  of the direct printing.
      2) All Adobe  Reader toolbars to be permanently hidden to the user for this  PDF document.
      3) The user  not to be able to have available the right click options of  Adobe Reader for this PDF document.
      4) The user  not to be able to save the PDF document under no  circumstance.
      At the  moment, no matter how hard I have worked on this, I haven’t found a way that all  these will be valid in my end product. When Adobe Reader plugin undertakes, it  appears that I cannot have the necessary control in these matters.
      This is why  I’m writing to you.
      I hope you can indicate some solutions for the above four  (4) problems. I would appreciate if you answer to me as soon as  possible because I have a short time schedule for my project!

      Thank you in  advance!