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    Having trouble exporting :(

    sageman99 Level 1

      Ok I am new to after effects and have been having some trouble exporting my sequence. I purchased a template online that came as a :33 second segment. I made quite a few adjustments and also extended it to 01:03;00. I noticed later that the fellows pre set is PAL D1/DV Widescreen Square pixel  1050X576. and 25fps. So I chose the pres sets already to go and exported them in the render que I came across 2 problems. The render that was NTSC DV Widescreen I changed the preset to PAL in hope that it would render properly. It only rendered to :33 seconds. I chose the same settings he had and did change the duration to my 1:03. When the HDTV 1080 29.97fps sequence rendered the whole sequence was there the whole 1:03 but I had a large amount of dropped frames in the first :25 seconds. Could someone please give me an easy rundown of exporting? I noticed you can change the composition settings on the Main Comp, but also that you can change the settings on the already to go pre sets. I can easily overcomplicate this stuff, need a bit of straightening out thank you

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          You didn't extend the sub-comps and assets quite obviously nort did you match their footage interpretation to the frame rates, where appropriate. This easily explains both behaviors - shortening one time, skipping frames the other. Additionally, you can set which sections to render in the render queue's output settings, so look into all these things.