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    MovieClipLoader and checking whether clip was previously loaded

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      I'm using a preloader and MovieClipLoader to seemingly good effect and I have an ending sequence to my preloader where it plays out once the target clip is loaded. The ending sequence features within the preloader itself (preloader_mc.endingClip). preloader_mc plays through its frames with:


      function onLoadProgress(target, loadedBytes, totalBytes){
      target._visible = false;
      var StepUpBytes = totalBytes/100;
      stepFrame = Math.floor(loadedBytes/StepUpBytes);
        stepFrame = 1;


      until it gets to 100% and then gets to a frame telling endingClip to play. All good unless the target clip is already loaded. Then what happens is that the preloader jumps to 100% and only plays the ending sequence. I would like to have a way of checking to see if the target clip has already been loaded so as to avoid displaying only this ending portion of the preloader.


      In onLoadProgress I tried:


      if((loadedBytes == totalBytes) && (target._width > 0)){


      This isn't working but I'm confused because for each of my targets I have an empty clip and when a new one is loaded, the current one is made _visible = false. I therefore thought the (target._width > 0) bit would work since the empty clip would already house the target? Trace returns zero for width value and returns different values for loadedBytes and totalBytes even if I revisit a freshly loaded clip.


      The loadClip is triggered by an onPress event as described here:


      navMenu.navClip.Section3But.onPress = function  () {
      function startPreload(url){
        loader_mcl.loadClip(url, ConstructionClip);
      this.enabled = false;
      onEnterFrame = function (){
        delete onEnterFrame;