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    Metadata: Reel ID Location and Adjustment

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      I use Resolve on a regular basis and it relies very heavily on Reel IDs. Premiere (or Bridge for that matter) doesn't have a field denoted "reel id." What Adobe field is going to designate this? Avid and FCP both have "Reel" fields. I've tried Tape, Alternate Tape ID, but unfortunately, those don't carry over via EDL or AAF as "Reel" information.


      To answer your question, no, I don't know what Resolve looks for when it pulls this information.


      I have several other metadata issues, but I'll stick with this for now.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Tape and Reel are essentially the same for us humans.  I couldn't begin to tell you why it doesn't work under the hood for another program.

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            It wont be in the metadata.


            I exported EDLs and the Da Vinci Resolve read them fine. ( 14 TVCs from 14 sequences)


            ...except....I have not exactly worked out how the  reel IDs are "identified" in a clip based workflow where obviously ...the clips are in folders on a Hard drive location.


            I supplied the post house with the source files in two folders.  It was a two day shoot on 2 different cards and AVCCAM does the annoying thing of re-starting the clip count at 000000  on a new card.


            They sorted it easily and quickly  but I did go thru my sequences and identify which shot was on which folder.  eg 'Day 1 Rushes' or "Day 2 Rushes'


            I use an EDL editor called edl Tool Kit. (Frog Soft - free)   It can actually make a Resolve List ( but ..I didnt have time to experiment with that function)


            Good luck.