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    Creating a printable template

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      Hi there,


      Firstly let me excuse myself, I am a new user to LiveCycle, so please forgive me if this is a basic problem - I'm not even sure that LiveCycle/Adobe is the best application to use, so any adve here would be greatly appreciated.


      At the firm I am currently working at we print a lot of covers. We overprint some existing artwork, cut them down and insert them into folders.


      The problem with the current template (created in Word) is that users can't see the artwork, as a result we constantly have to shift or edit the text in the files they send us so that it fits on the stock.


      I have been experimenting with Adobe forms to replace this, I have set up the correct stock size, I have inserted scanned images of the art work and have them set as "visble (screen only)". I have a "button" to submit as pdf with mailto:name@address.com.


      The problem I am having is with the text on the page, this is where I want the users to input the text for the covers.


      What I want in the end to for our print room to receive an email with a pdf with just the text to be printed.


      I'm struggling to put it into words. It seems so simple, so maybe someone can solve this for me in one swipe.


      Thanks in advance.



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          I am not following your exact problem. Are you having trouble inputting a text field for the users to fill in or having problems with the users filling in the text fields? Could you maybe describe the form from top to bottom or post a link to the form?