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    I this thing legal? OpenRTMFP / Cumulus


      Hi there,


      I found this:


      I thought that RTMFP is a proprietary technology, hence I'm surprised about an open source product using RTMFP.


      Can you tell me if this kind of project might be used legally in a commercial project ?
      I don't talk here about other factors that might prevent to use it in a commercial product (number of developers/risk factor, solidy of the service, ease of use, performance, ...)


      Since as far as I know:

      - Cirrus is a service only available to developer for testing purpose (not to be used in commercial products, at least currently)
      so I consider Cirrus as if Adobe provide you for free, a link to one of their own install of Flash Media Server Enterprise on their server.



      - A Flash Media Server Enterprise license is required to use RTMFP


      buy a license per server (might be "discounts" for more than 3 licenses)



      - LiveCycle Collaboration Services


      pay per use


      - Adobe Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services (some RTMFP features not available espc. b2b inside company network)


      pay per use



      I feel it might be useful to some people out there.




      Thank you in advance for your answer.


      Cedric M. (aka maddec)