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    Website not found/recognised

      Hi guys,

      One of my clients has an older version of Contribute (Macromedia, v3) and would like to add to the news page on her site using contribute. Problem is, when going through the connection wizard, when we enter the URL of the site, including http:// an error message is displayed saying that the website can't be found (but it definitely exists!!!).

      I'd be really grateful if anyone could tell me why this might be happening and what to do to overcome the problem. The website has been constructed and is modified in Dreamweaver MX 2004.

      Thanks in advance :)
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          Have you tried creating a Connection Key for her.
          You build the connection-key for your client, then sent the key to her by mail and a simple dubble-click would do the trick of creating the connection.

          In the menu go to: Edit, Adminsiter Websites;
          Go to: Users and Roles;
          Go to: Send Connection Key;
          Include the ftp password, save the key to your computer, attach to an email and sent to your client.

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            Vinnie_uk Level 1
            Hi, thanks for replying.

            Is it possible to create a connection key from Dreamweaver? I have tried this through Contribute but it didn't work...
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              ThinkInk Level 2
              No, I don't think that that's possible. When you administer the site from within Dreamweaver, elements of Contribute-program are being called and used to change the settings.

              What went wrong with the Connection Key? Didn't it work with your client, or could you not create one?