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    Reader X - Holds closed files if appear in splash screen



      Slightly complex issue - sorry

      1. reader is open

      2. files have been opened and closed

      3. no files are now open in reader but original instance is stll running

      4. new splash screen shows a list of files that can be opened (shortcuts ?)

      5. using 995 to 'print' a file to the screen from a CAD program

      6. Reader displays the new file

      7. Attempting to save the file, with the same name as a previous file, cause an access error, even thought the original file is closed


      It appears that Reader X retains the recently opened file names and assumes they are still open and won't allow a save, even when no files are open in reader!!!

      This appears to be an issue with the implementation of the splash screen. This screen appears to be present regardless of any files being opened.

      Looks like the developers haven't thought this one through, although it is a somewhat obscure bug.


      Note if reader has been closed then there is no issue - previous files do not remain linked in memory even though they may appear on the splash screen.


      I have reverted to 9


      Any thoughts???