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    Illustrator Text Renders Poorly

    Larry Beck Chicago-F4fnKh

      I create title pages in Illustrator, then import them into PE8.  The rendered movie file has very fuzzy text!  Where the built-in titles are very crisp.  Why are Illustrator files so poorly rendered?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you rendered your timeline? Press Enter so that the red line above your clips turns green and your graphics should look cleaner.


          But a lot also depends on the size of the original graphics. Illustrator files are vector, and have no resolution. However, when you bring them into Premiere Elements, they are rasterized -- so, if they're not at least the size of your video frame, they can become fuzzy when you resize them.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Vector Art must be Rasterized for use in Video. Though PrE can Import AI Vector Art, it does a pretty poor job of the Rasterization. I will Place all AI Vector Art into a New Image, that matches my Project's Frame Size, in Photoshop, and let that program do the Rasterization (much, much better), and then Save_As PSD (native format of PS and one that PrE works very well with). I cannot speak for how well that PSE does this, but I would assume that it uses the same exact algorithms, as does Photoshop (the big-brother version).


            This PrPro-Wiki FAQ will offer some tips too.


            Good luck,