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    QUESTION: Why is page showing correctly in DW liveview, but gallery black when on web page?

    muralsbyamy Level 1

      Im new to posting, hope I am asking this question in the correct section to get a response. If I need to ask in a different location please advise.


      Question: I added navigation Spry UI 2.0 Basic menu and now my webgallery is not visible, but the simpleviewer logo (my gallery) does appear which tells me its there, any one know Why?


      When in my dreamweaver site page and I go to live view it all shows up as its supposed to, but when I go to the web page via safari or firefox everything is there but the portfolio slide show is missing but does show the simpleviewer logo at the bottom.


      temporary web page to show is:  http://azuredesigninc.com/azure_web_gallery/annual_report_gallery/annual_report_gallery3.h tml


      if I should copy and paste all the codeing in my question please let me know. thanks in advance for any help.


      Im new to DWcs5 and now have alot of respect for all you web guru's out there. Its a scientific language.... uggggghhhhhh!