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    AdvancedDataGrid Accessibility


      I am a project lead/developer using Flex in a project that would involve customers that have requirements for meeting 508/WCAG standards.  I am trying to act as an advocate for Flex but one of the areas I've been getting resistance is on the issue of accessibility.  I've been doing on-going research and testing (using JAWS) to try to prove out Flex accessibility and was very pleased to see the recent document posted on best practices. 


      The one component that has caused me the most pain is the AdvancedDataGrid.  There are a number of issues with it (announcing itself as a ListBox, not providing cell-by-cell reading without selectionMode=cell, etc.). 


      Are there any specific best practices or other bits of advice on how to use the ADG in a way that allows it to meet accessibility standards?


      I'd also heard rumours of Adobe doing work with SSB Bart to develop a new version of the ADG component that would be "more" accessible, did this happen?


      Are there significant or important changes in the component (related to accessibility) in 4.0 or 4.1 or in Hero? 


      Are there any 3rd party or OpenSource alternatives?