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    swf running at half speed in powerpoint  ...why ?



      Flash CS5

      Powerpoint 2007

      swf 120fps of duration of 600 frames, 5 secs, runs fine in Flash CS5.

      (Need 120fps for smooth motion of cars etc.)

      Place it into powerpoint, run slide and its slow, takes exactly twice as long, 10 secs to run.

      Testing fps on a simple artwork with a vector block, I see 120 runs at 10secs, 96fps at 8 secs, 60 and 24 fps are the correct 5 secs.


      Why ?

      Whats the fix ?


      I cannot go altering fps as its complex.


      I need 120fps for smooth motion of png's of vehicles, lessen the fps and they run too slow, lessen the frames for distance travelled and they are moving too far per frame to be smooth. Its a real scene at real speeds.

      Could I publish it at a lesser fps and how is that done ? Would that make it like a real movie at 25fps, they dont show jerkiness.

      Perhaps convert swf to wmv, but would that run in powerpoint.


      Also in Powerpoint, if one exits the slide then clicks on the run slide icon it immediately shows the end of the movie. Right click and play sets it running again. How can I resolve that ?