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    Flex: email client (with ColdFusion/Air) - help

    Diron_89 Level 1

      Hi All,

      I wanna create a web or desktop application to send and read emails in Flex. I found several pages with information about what I must use to create this application. This is ColdFusion in the web application or in desktop application it is the AIR technology. I am still looking how to do it, but nowhere can I find an answer. If anyone knows anything about this, please write what I need to use (ColdFusion or Air or maybe only Flex but with what?) and if I can ask, please me write (and for everyone) the examples of the commands. I don't wanna ready to use application, because I want to learn it, but I would even know where to start.

      Thanks in advance;)

      P.S. I created a web application where I used an iframe to display a site written in ColdFusion, but this is not what I want to achieve. I saw on the internet a wonderful e-mail applications.


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