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    Help! ADE does not recognise my Elexon 621 eb


      Can anyone help me please.  I bought an Elexon 621eb, uploaded ADE and managed to put a couple of books on to it.  The next time I plugged it in ADE did not recognise it - turned out to be a problem with the e book.  I have a new one now but ADE does not recognise it when I plug it in.  How do I get it to recognise my new EB without loosing the books I've bought?  Thanks

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          Sharon, here are some generic things you can do.


          First, make sure that the software on your new ebook reader is up to the

          latest level.  You'll have to follow the manufacturer's instructions to do



          Next, make sure that you've authorized or activated the ereader with the

          manufacturer, so it's live and loaded - so to speak.


          Then, plug it into our computer and let the computer recognize it as a USB

          device.  When the computer reports that your new hardware is ready to use,

          start ADE.  ADE 'should' find the device and note that it has in the left

          hand pane of the Library screen.  When it does this, then you can drag and

          drop the ebooks from ADE onto the ereader.


          Finally, when the downloads appear to be complete. close ADE.  Then, use

          your computer software to 'eject' the ereader so that the computer drops it

          from its list of active USB devices.  How you do this depends on the

          software you have on your PC.


          After this is done, look at the ereader screen and make sure it is updating

          itself with the new content.  Once that's completed, you 'should' be able to

          read the books on your ereader.


          Hope this helps!