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    Acrobat 9 & X License for older versions


      I have several employees here, some using Acrobat 9 Professional, others using Acrobat X professional, both of whom are experiencing the same issue: toolbar buttons are disappearing, and Acrobat is crashing shortly afterwards.  This is a known issue, and has been acknowledged in the Product Support forums, but (from what I can tell) Engineering is not expected to have the problem fixed until the next patch release, happening sometime in May/June.


      However, this doesn't really help me, as these people are experiencing crashes as frequently as every 5-10 minutes, and "...when you see the buttons start to disappear, immediately save your work and restart Acrobat" is a huge disruption to their work process.


      My question is:  is it possible (and permissible) to use these licenses for versions 9 and X to install Acrobat 8 Pro?  There are other employees here using this version, and working on the same files, that have not reported any problems related to this issue.  I was unable to find any information on this from looking through the EULA and forums.

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          Hi Sheldon, serial numbers for one version won't work for another, so that's something that probably only Adobe itself could help you with (try contacting Customer Service).


          They may or may not be able to help - but if you think you'd only need 30 days using an older version, one option would be to install the free trial for Acrobat 8.  You could ask if they still have that to offer.