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    Can't get FB4 to run out of an existing install of Helios

    kkras Level 1

      Eclipse Version:

      Version: Helios Service Release 1
      Build id: 20100917-0705

      (64bit default JRE)



      W7 Professional 64


      I installed FB4 trial a couple of weeks ago. At that time I had an already installed copy of helios eclipse on this system. After running into problems post install I reverted to using the bundled eclipse installation since I didn't want to deal with debugging an install/configuration issue at that time. I was more interested in doing some Flex education.


      Today however I decided to revisit this and am running into the exact problem.

      I completely unistalled Flash Builder and Eclipse from my system.

      Reinstalled the latest Helios GA of Eclipse (J2EE bundle) and varified that it functioned properly (installed antroid dev stuff and was working fine under this platform).

      Went back to the install bundle for FB4 and ran the image.

      I was prompted for the option to install into an existing installation of eclipse to which I selected and provided the path to the existing eclipse.exe

      Install was performed without any noticable errors (install log shows all green).

      However, upon starting Eclipse for the first time post install I get this:

      An internal error occurred during: "Creating Adobe Flash Player trust file...".


      and it goes downhill from there, e.g., any attempts to access any FB4 resources (project creation wizards, help links, etc.) either result in errors like this:

      The selected wizard could not be started.
      Plug-in com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.ui was unable to load class com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.ui.wizards.FlexApolloProjectWizard.
      An error occurred while automatically activating bundle com.adobe.flexbuilder.ui (802).


      Or does nothing at all.


      It's funky enough that FB4 insists on installing a separate copy of Eclipse, but also essentially breaking the version that I'm already using is pretty hostile...

      I hope this is something that I'm doing incorrectly and can be adjusted. Is this possibly a problem with my install of eclipse using the 64bit Java SDK ?