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    RTF and DOCX forms to PDF forms

    Marcos J Pinto



      A client wishes to convert RTF and DOCX forms (MS Word) into editable PDF forms and perform the following tasks:


      1. Detect and convert these field types: Text Form Field / Check Box Form Field / Option Form Field / Combo Box Form Field
      2. Some fields should be protected - only some areas will be able to fill in
      3. The generated PDF files must be password protected
      4. Some of the fields should be defined as required
      5. Some of the field values will be calculated



      1. Is it possible to automate this with LiveCycle?

      2. If positive, is PDF Generator the right module for this or do I have to use additional or another one? Which one(s)?


      Thank you very much for any ideas.



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          Hodmi Level 4

          Generator will convert the files, but they won't be forms when the conversion is complete.  They will be flat documents.


          If you want to turn the documents into a fillable form (which is what you are describing) then you can use LiveCycle Designer.


          It is automated in that the software will try to recognize what items are fields (checkboxes, text entry, etc.)    It will turn the result into a form template that you can then modify (add calculations, specify required fields, etc.).  You will have to open each document individually, however - it does not handle batches.

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