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    Adobe Reader X Constantly Freezing up


      Ever since I started using version X, it constantly locks up at least 90% of the time while trying to open a .pdf.  Sometimes it takes 5 minutes for Adobe to quit, other times I have to reboot my computer just to get out of the frozen program.  HELP!  I'm running Windows XP SP02.

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          I am having this same issue. I have installed Adobe Reader X on 40 workstations. These are Dell optiplex workstations running Windows XP SP3. They had previous versions of adobe reader installed (7, 8, or 9). When the clients log into the workstations and attempt to open a .pdf, Adobe Reader fails to open. The task manager reveals 2 AcroRd32.exe processes running. One of them will shutdown when "End Process Tree" is selected. The other will not. If the computer is restarted both the AcroRd.32.exe processes will stop so the computer can restart. The issue seems to be profile specific. The problem is easily recreatable, and occurs regardless of administrative rights.


          Any help on this would be appreciated.




          Jay Tench

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            I installed Adobe Reader X on 75+ workstations at our Corporate office, upgrading from Reader 9.2


            Windows XP SP2, none of the users are local/domain administrators.


            I am also sufferring from this issue and it has caused a pretty huge problem here- the Adobe screen will start to open the PDF, the window goes white, and then even ending the AcroRdr32.exe processes directly will not close the software. I even have to hard shut-off the PC's as restart/log off will not work.



            Possible Fix:

            I thought I had identified a fix having to do with accepting the license agreement-

            * log on as an administrator and open up a PDF

            * accept the Adobe Reader X license agreement, if there is one

            * log back on as the user and try to open some PDF's


            This worked for me on some clients for 1 day- but I am receiving reports that those same clients are running into the freezing issues again.


            THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE ADOBE. Considering moving to FoxIT.


            I guess I am imaging the boxes again with an older Adobe version...