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    Save As scripting help


      I have a script placed in a Print button that validates certain fields  to make sure they are filled in before the pdf is submitted. So it basically  says if these fields are empty then generate an error message else print PDF.  Well, I'm needing to change the button from a Print button to a Save button. Is  there any script that will allow me to do this?


      I read that in order for the saveAs script to work you have to create a  custom function to get around security rights. But is there a more simple way to  do this if I don't need it saved to a specific path? I just need it to operate  just like File>Save As does, they can choose where to save it to. Just simply  adding the default SaveAs action in the button isn't working, it's bypassing the  code that is supposed to stop the form from being saved if certain fields are  empty. Is there a simple code that will let them choose where to save the pdf  without having security issues? Thanks for your help!