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    Data Driven Animated Gif ?


      First of all, thanks for reading this.

      I wish to create a batch of swfs, static gifs and animated gifs. The swf's text value can be inserted dynamically with an XML file so that’s no problem and I’ve found that the fireworks data driven wizard works well so that is also fine.

      My problem however is how to create a batch of animated gifs with a different text value in each. At first I thought that the data driven wizard could handle this but alas it cant. The wizard can only export still images. Further more, the variable canot exist within a frame, onlly the 1st.

      So then ive tried image ready’s alternative but similar problems exist - it can’t export an animated gif in this way. It would be possible to use the fireworks data driven wizard to export the multiple frames as single images bu then I would then need to replace the individual frame then export each animated gif manually.

      Surely there is another better and faster way to achieve this? Perhaps some clever batch scripting? Or another application that can create data driven animated gifs ?

      All help and advice is welcomed.