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    help for video in director ... wmv.  / flash?

      i am doing my first interactive cd for mass duplication after all the short projects we have done in school.
      I have access to all the formats throught he video that was created and have about 450 MB to spare.
      QT formats work great but not everyone has them updated/ installed
      avi/wmv doent have any control button behaviors and lingo is a nightmare
      i have a .flv video that i can import but i need xtras

      if you guys woudl guide me on whichone of these formats are most widely accepted and can be intergrated i would really appreciate it.
      here is a lingo i found but unless one of you would be kind enough to explain it to me and help me to get it to a copy paste status i would really apprecaite it as I dont know any lingo to get started.
      I know about mpeg advance xtra but $200 is a lot of money for it.
      Thank you very much.

      The first thing you need to do is define a property description list, so:

      on getPropertyDescriptionList me

      list = [:]

      addprop list, #pControlType, [#format: #string, #comment: "Control", #range: [#play, #stop, #rewind, #fastForward, #pause], default: #play]

      addProp list, #pVideoSprite, [#format: #sprite, #comment: "Video Sprite", default: 1]

      end --getPropertyDescriptionList

      That means that when you drag and drop the behaviour over the sprite, you'll get a window pop up with the options of: what kind of movie control it is (play, stop, etc.) and what sprote you have placed the video (1, 2, 3, etc.)

      Then, you need to tell the behaviour what to do and when to do it, so...

      on event (mouseUp, for example)

      case pControlType of

      sprite(pVideoSprite).movieRate = 1
      sprite(pVideoSprite).movieRate = 0
      sprite(pVideoSprite).movieTime = 0
      sprite(pVideoSprite).movieRate = 0
      sprite(pVideoSprite).movieRate = -5

      end case