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    Comments on the AdvancedDataGrid

      I have looked over the AdvancedDataGrid and would like to share my thoughts on its new features. My team has developed several applications that make heavy use of the DataGrid, so I was delighted to see that the new component implements features that we either desire or have customized into the DataGrid.

      The two features that are most appealing to me are the tree view (GroupingCollection) and the summarization. Unfortunately these features are not implemented in a way that I would prefer.

      When the data grid displays the grouping collection, it does not display any data in the rows that contain the expandable group parent label. I would greatly appreciate the option to display aggregates for each of the columns within the group. Similarly, I don't like that the summary data for the group is shown as a single label, centered under the group. It seems that summary aggregates should appear within the column of data that they aggregate. Furthermore, I wish that the summary label did not disappear when the group was collapsed.

      Is there any way to achieve this functionality using the AdvancedDataGrid? Am I overlooking some features or funtionalty that would make these behaviors trivial?