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    CSS display issues re font size and dialog view, possibly related.

    gsmichaels Level 1

      1. I applied H5 and H6 styles from my updated/renamed default stylesheet to text in the Design View. The reformatted text conformed to the Styles and Formatting display (RH8). However, in the browser view, those styles were two points larger than in the Design View. Why?


      2. In investigating #1, my manager noted that the .css stylesheet, when opened in Notepad, didn't list the H5 and H6 styles. The RH8 > Styles dialog, accessed from the Project Manager by clicking on the  Style Sheets > css listing, does list H5 and H6, albeit as inherited styles.

      • Are inherited styles automatically excluded from the "true" css stylesheet?
      • How do I ensure that inherited styles are added to the stylesheet? (Must I duplcate and rename them?)