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    Help needed: Resizing a whole video track

    Ricardo Galabru

      Hello everyone


      For starters, forgive my poor english syntaxis


      Recently i have filmed a concert with several Gopro cameras (in 1280x960) and a 7D (in 1920x1080).

      Now i want to edit all this in Premiere, with a final format of 1280x720. I'll have bits of gopro film and bits of 7d film.


      What i want to do is have, for example, a Gopro track with my gopro bits and a 7D track with all my 7D bits. My gopro bits fit perfectly in the comp, since they have the good width (it crops the height, but that's what i want), but the 7D clips are too big (1920x1080 instead of 1280x720). I could resize each one of my clips in the properties, but since they are WAY too many of them, i would like to scale down the whole 7D track. Is there a way to do that?


      Thank you!