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    Long time to open second or third PDF


      Ever since I installed Adobe Reader X it has slowed my system considerably. Opening the first PDF document is no problem, but when I try to open a second of third document it takes around 20 seconds or more to open each doc. The old version instantly opened multiple PDF docs without any issues.


      Any ideas???? Please help.

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          i have italian version of adobe reader x



          i disable the flag "attiva modalità protetta all'avvio" i think in english version you follow this:


          preferences -> general -> on bottom (application startup)  the last "checkbox" (i suppose in english version "activate protection on startup" or similar)


          when i disable this flag now open immediatly the second pdf ...

          i not have the problem that you mentioned ... but this resolve for me the problem that i have with slow open second pdf document




          i don't think this solve your problem .... i post here because i see later that there's other post with people that have my same problem




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            mjscherer1 Level 1

            That worked perfectly. Thanks very much for your help.



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              erik.maniciati Level 1

              i spent time after upgrade at version X for solving that problem ... and dont want loose time again for return at precedent version (acrobat reader 9) on a lot of my pc


              then with patience i search for my own the solution , with a tools process explorer and see that task abobe x was opened two / tree time...

              i realize that there's a possible problem on startup of the program that try to start on protect mode and for that not reopen the thread / pid just opened before ...



              i think that is a bug of version X... but im not sure ...





              the today programmer's school was too bad ... make stupid software ... plenty of bug


              the today feature implenment on today software is only for commercial target and for

              "build" bad programmer's that dont't recognize a bit from a byte


              and this are too negatiove for "speed and reliability" of a software