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    How do i make a custom close button

      Hi, ive been using flash for a couple months now (it's been a struggle) and im making an interactive timeline/map for my flash class. I'm stuck on one problem however, i don't know how to make a close button. What i have going on now is a time line with a bunch of btns on it that each load an info window in an empty mc. I haven't added any content for the window yet so it's just an entrance animation. What i want my close button to do is to first play the entrance animation in reverse and then return to an anchor in my main movie timeline. I've tried making a button that goes to the reverse part of the animation with an anchor but so far it just sits there, then i tried making the close button in the main movie timeline that onrelease would go the exit animation but that looks choppy. So basically what im trying to achieve is creating a button that plays my windows entrance animation in reverse and then goes back to the main movie timeline. Sorry for rambling on so long, any help would be much appreciated since ive got to turn this thing in by tuesday.