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    Looking for some assistance

      I would be classified as a beginner when it comes to flash. When searching around in the forums, I feel completely lost when I see a huge list of actionscript. However, I was hoping someone would be able to direct me to some great beginner tutorials or assist me right in here. What i'm trying to do is build a website to showcase my work as a game designer; mainly artwork, movies, flash games, and user downloadable modding/mapping files. What I'm looking for is....

      1) How to load images/movies from external sources. I managed to find a resource that explains using "load external movieclip". It works perfectly for the images, and seemed to work for .swf files. However, what can I use to load other movie types such as (.wmv, .mpg, .avi)?

      2) How to add a simple preloader to the images/movies that will be loading.

      3) How to load flash games. I'm not certain, but my best guess is that I could use the "low external movieclip" behavior.

      4) The last thing I want to know is how I can allow users to download files from my flash site. I'm going to use a simple button, but I'm unsure of how to set that up.

      Like I said, I'm only a beginner, so any tutorials related to what I need or code samples of what might work would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!