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    How do I configure my workspace for my build machine? fb.exportreleasebuild needs absolute paths

    YNAB Level 1

      I am trying to make my build machine use fb.exportReleaseBuild and I feel like I am missing something obvious.


      I know that my build machine needs Flash Builder installed, and I can get it to run FlashBuilderC.exe and tell it to build the appropriate build.xml file. However, fb.exportReleaseBuild requires the Flash Builder workspace on the build machine to be aware of all of the projects I'm trying to build.


      My original idea was to simply create an eclipse workspace on the build machine and save it to source control. Then, the build machine would get the latest source, and I would point FlashBuilderC.exe to the the synced workspace folder, and everything would build without issue. However, Eclipse appears to store the paths to the open projects as absolute paths. Therefore, I can't check in a workspace to source control unless I know exactly where the build machine will happen to check out the source code.


      How do I make a workspace that can be stored in source control so that my fb.exportReleaseBuilds can build the code I sync from source control.


      Many thanks,