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    Changing Display Format in the Source Panel?

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      I'm creating a montage to music where the cool pulse of the tune is exactly 63 frames long. 


      I want to first make all my video clips for the montage either this length or a multiple of it in the Source panel and then assemble them all like Lego blocks in the timeline in the constructivist tradition of montage master Dziga Vertov.


      This seems like a standard workflow.


      The footage is shot in 24 frames per second.


      Per the screen shot below, I changed my display format to "Frames" because it is easier to calculate 63 frames repetitively in the source panel than 2 seconds and 15 frames every time for 85 video clips.


      But after making this change below, only my timeline and program panel display this new settings, while my source panel still displays in minutes/seconds/frames.


      Is there a way to also make my source panel display only frames, rather than lapsed time in the seconds/frame format?




      Matt Dubuque



      Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 7.47.33 PM.png