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    AVCHD files - can't hear audio


      Hey guys,


      I'm shooting a conference with a friend's Panasonic HMC150 camera.  Although I've shot with the camera before, I've never really taken a deeper look at the file structure...as compared to Panasonic's P2 system.  I'm not editing the footage for this project, I just have to turn it over to the client.


      But I was curious how I could work with the AVCHD format in Premiere CS5.  I'm currently a CS3 user and I'm running a trial of CS5 on my Windows 7 machine.  I can't seem to access the audio from my clips.  When I import the MTS files, the audio isn't imported.  The video files show up as video only files in Premiere.


      I've tried looking at the files in the Media Manager.  This is all new to me because I never played around with CS4.  When I look at the files in the Media Manager, they show up as AVCHD files and I see the filmstrip icon with the speaker, indicating that there is audio.  But when I double click on a clip, it goes into the souce monitor as just video.  If I import the same clip, it goes into the project and I only see the film strip icon.


      I've done a lot of work with HVX200 footage in CS3.  As long as I had all the files within the "Contents" folder on my drive, then I only had to import the video clips and the audio would stay along with the clips.  This newer file structure doesn't make sense to me.  What am I doing wrong?  I know there is audio on my clips because I can play them back in the camera.  I can also play the files in Windows Media Player and hear the audio just fine.  .


      FYI, I shot in 1080p/24p and the project/timeline I created in CS5 was DVCPRO1080p/24p.  But I've also tried not making a timeline and I get the same results when I try to import the footage.


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      - Jordan