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    An issue with media encoding a sequence

    crimper84 Level 1

      Not sure if this has been done before but I couldn't find it so here goes.


      I have just finished an edit of some footage from my new Canon 60d (so we're talking 1080p 24fps). The edit has music, colour grading, dissolves and some time remapping. My PC is i5 760, 8GB RAM and 9800GTX CUDA graphics card (although only 521mb so not supported, doh!).


      The problem I have is I use media encoder to export the footage on H.264 preset and when it is finished there are 2 short sections that are jerky (the look of a PC isn't fast enough to play them back). Any ideas why this might be? It's always the same two section and they look fine in Premiere.


      Any help would be much appreciated as it would be finished if it wasn't for this. Arggh!