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    Exclude inherited properties and functions from code hinting


      Since, by design, the [Exclude] metatag works only with MXML code hinting, I was wondering if there is any other way of achieving this. For my reasoning why I consider this feature a necessity please consult my bug report on jira.


      Anyway, coming back to the problem at hand, I have come up with two possible ways of achieving this:


      1. Use the [Deprecated] metatag and change an option in the Flash Builder, to hide Deprecated functions from the code hinting. The problem is, there is no such option!


      2. Install a plugin which adds a new ASDoc tag (let's name it @exclude) which simply speaking removes all functions/properties which have @exclude in their asdoc from code hinting. But again, I have found no such plugin and I don't have necessary skills to accomplish this task.


      3. A mix of both - plugin which adds an option to hide deprecated elements from the code hinting. Probably the easiest to develop but still, I haven't managed to find such plugin anywhere and I wouldn't know how to even start looking for information to write it.


      If you know how this could be accomplished (without resorting to, for example, manipulating the projects's design by using Interfaces) I'd love to hear them.