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    Forward MouseEvent on transparent bitmap to underlying MovieClip

      So I'm Bitmaping some heavy stuff to  try bring down the [pre-render] and  [render] which is quite high  according to FlashBuilder's profiling.  I  *thought* this was going well  until I realised that as soon as you  change a MovieClip to a Bitmap,  you lose the pixel based accuracy of the  mouse move events (Over, Out,  Move...), all your left with is the  entire bounding box of the Bitmap,  something which is less than  desirable.  I've got a game where many  Bitmapped assets would be on top  of each other in a scene, on the  stage, arranged in various ways and  need to have that pixel accuracy  moving between each one and have  exhausted my efforts as to how to  achieve the same mouse move results  with the Bitmapped guys as normal.

      This, http://seadersforums.appspot.com/static/bitmaps.fla ,  is a FLA which shows this operation, and you can see how it works here, http://seadersforums.appspot.com/static/bitmaps.html . When it loads up, both items on stage are drawn Shapes, encapsulated  in MovieClips, both that get a glow, if you hover over them. If you  click the stage at all, the purple guy gets turned into a Bitmap and  now, his 'hit area', when it comes to MouseEvents is his whole bounding  box and you can only get through to the back green item at the edge  slivers.

      I'm also tracing the pixel which the mouse is over, so I can clearly  tell when the mouse is over a transparent area, it's 0, but how can I  tell the event to forward itself on down the chain to the green  MovieClip?