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    Fundamental User Interface Refreshing Problem with Acrobat X


      After installing Acrobat X (both

      Reader and Standard) I got the problem that over time the refreshing of user interface elements stops,

      which means that Acrobat gets into a state, where you can't see parts of the toolbar (and search button) any longer.

      I'd assume that this might have to do something with my combination of operating systems, grafic chip and or the

      new user interface framwork Acrobat uses now (I guess at least it changed, but don't know details).

      Updating to the newest grafics driver didn't help.

      This problem only occurs in Acrobat X applications on my machine.


      Does anybody have the same problem?

      Does anybody have an idea what might go wrong?


      Here is my data:

      - Windows 7 Pro

      - NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M


      BTW, it seems I can't switch back to Acrobat Std 9 because after installing Acrobat X with a new

      serial number, the old number is reported as invalid if I remove Acrobat X and try to install Acrobat 9 again.

      So, if somebody has a solution there...