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    Add form fields to tag tree


      Hi everyone,


      I created a PDF form starting from a Word document using the Acrobat plug in for Word.  Then I had Acrobat automatically detect form fields (it ddn't do this completely so had to add some form fields manually).  The accessibility checker said that all the form fields were inaccessible (not in the tag tree).  I've never been able to get the "Advanced\Accessibility\Add form fields to tags" option to work for me so I've always had to add them by clicking "Find unmarked annotations" and tagging them as form fields.


      Well for some reason, this time Acrobat did not give me the option of choosing which tag to associate with the form field.  So when I clicked "tag" it simply moves on to the next form field.  I have no idea what it is tagged as now, and I can't find any form fields in the tag tree.  But it now passes the accessibility checker.


      Anyone know why I can't seem to get these form tags in the tree?  Or better yet, how do I get the "Add form fields to tags" feature to work?


      Thanks for any ideas or insights!