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    Why does Reader crash my computer?


      By crash I mean power off. No error messages, the computer shuts off immediately (no "window is shutting down", etc dialog box).

      It started after I upgraded to X. I can open one pdf. If I open another one, or close it and reopen, the computer turns off.


      I unintalled X and reinstalled version 9. Same problem.


      I uninstalled 9, removed Reader from my registry (possible I missed something there), reinstalled 9; the problem persists.


      Windows XP SP3, Dell Optiplex 360, Intel Core2 Duo 2.8 GHz E7400 processor, 2 GB RAM in case any of that matters


      We have two other users who had the same problem with version 9. We pursued it at the time and hit dead ends.

      It didn't happen to me until I upgraded to X. Now that it's happening to my computer it is a crisis .