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    RH7 HTML - New topics won't publish unless they appear in the TOC


      Good morning!


      I'm having problems in RH7 HTML with projects containing on average 80 topics. Both RoboHelp and the project files are on the c: drive of the computer.The output is published using WebHelp. Right now, unless the new topics are added to the TOC, they are not published.

      Up until a few days ago, I was able to publish to the Web without including the new topics in the TOC. I do that for new system features that are not yet released to ensure the topics and links are working properly. Once the features are released, I add the topics to the TOC.

      At first I thought the problem was with the ftp server that hosts the html files, but then I noticed that all topics already on the server are updated. I backtracked all the way to the !SSL! folder in which the webhelp is originaly generated and the same thing happens there: old files updated, new files nowhere to be found. Unless I include them in the TOC. I didn't change any of the Webhelp settings when generating the output.

      I did try creating a new project by importing a few topics and it works fine, no need to add the topics to the TOC.

      And I don't know if it's relevant, but I had to change the time on the computer and apply a Windows update.


      Does anybody have any idea of why this is happening? Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you