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    Adobe premiere elements 9


      I'm thinking about upgrading to ape9. This is my computer.

      Dell 8300

      2 g ram

      298gb hd

      Pentium 4 3gh

      Would ape9 work on my computer?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          PrE 9 should work with your computer, BUT much will depend on what you wish to edit. I think that you would be fine, albeit slow, with SD DV-AVI Captured from a miniDV tape camera.


          For HD, you will need more horsepower, and for AVCHD, or other flavors of H.264, I would recommend at least an i7 8xx, or 9xx CPU, with as much RAM as your OS can take.


          You did not mention your HDD's, but 2x physical HDD's is recommended. A single physical HDD will be a big bottleneck to video editing.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I disagree with Bill on this one. Partly, anyway.


            He's right about your needing an i7 to work with AVCHD and hi-def video.


            But a Pentium 4 hasn't been enough to power Premiere Elements since version 7. I'd recommend at least a dual-core processor for working with even basic video with version 9.

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              lawsonheimer Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I guess i could download the trial version, but the last time i download ape8 i had to format the hd to get ape7 working again.

              Ape7 wont work if i have is other video program like VLC, Divx or Paint on the computer.(unknown reason)

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                Aniks Level 2

                APE 9 will definitely work as per your system requirements.

                VLC wont affect its performance, although Quicktime should be installed on your system as Premiere Elements depends on it for importing few file formats specifically.


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