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    Is 120fps movie going to be twice as slow away from Flash ?

    Envirographics Level 1

      Flash CS5,

      Powerpoint 2007

      Why would 120fps swf be running twice as slow as its design speed in conversion to wmv, as well as when run in powerpoint ?

      This seems like a fundamental issue now and not just Msoft software issues, though WindowsMovieFile is Msoft, having said that !

      Perhaps it is Msoft at fault ?

      I could try converting to avi.


      Any suggestions what video format to initially convert to to retain 5 sec play time ?


      I have trialled an swf to wmv converter, the swf also runs twice as slow in that prog, as well as when run in powerpoint. Is 120fps unable to be used in the world of PC’s ?

      Real movies use 25fps, the human eye cant see 1/25 second changes in frames, I have a 767px tall stage and cars on it travelling at 12 mph, I cannot use less than 120fps as the pngs are jerky, I would have to lessen the frame length of the movie to retain the travel speed, and the pngs would have greater distance to travel per  ‘tick of the clock’, which gives jerkiness, as it would appear that flash as it progresses artwork to each frame moves fwd then pauses then moves then pauses. One could have fluid motion across frames, it would still be eating up so many frames per second, one could have 12fps and 12 frames and a smooth 1 second travel, if motion was uniform, it’s the way flash handles the progression it seems.

      I was hoping that this progression would be smoothed out when made into a movie, but its running twice as slow so no advantage there.