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    Strange phantom bleeping

    daveking87 Level 1

      Hello. I'm working on soundtracking an animation in Audition & I'm having some problems which may be of interest to someone. I had recorded some effects in Soundbooth (before finding the beta Audition) so I have then brought the .wav file into an Audition multitrack session, trimmed it & copied/pasted it a few times as there are a few instances of the same sound. However, after every instance of the sound there is an odd electronic bleeping noise (which changes every time). The clip has Amplify, Parametric EQ, and Graphic EQ (10 band) in the effects rack. The short electronic bleeps cannot be heard/seen in Audition unless I choose to 'pre-render effects' on that track. However, it is present on exported .wav files whether or not that option is checked. The odd thing is that the noise is occuring after the clip has ended - even when the track is solo'd so there is definitely no more data on the timeline. I've attached a screenshot where you can see that the clip has ended, the track is solo'd but there is a signal coming through on that track & on the levels bar at the bottom. It's very odd. I imagine I'll probably just have to delete the track, and do that clip again but I thought this might be worth sharing for it's peculiarity. I'm no pro with sound so it's equally possible that I just shouldn't have been playing with the effects.


      The clip was recorded in soundbooth CS5, I'm using Audition beta for mac on a macbook pro OS X 10.6.5 2.4Ghz Intel Core i5, 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3.




      Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 17.12.46.png

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          Have you zoomed out far enhough vertically to check that there is nothing hidden away on another track that you can't see?

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            daveking87 Level 1

            Yeah, I've checked every other track. But if you ignore the levels bar at the bottom and look at the mini levels bars on each track you can see that the signal is definitely coming from that track, despite there being no clip at that point in the timeline. The screenshot was taken while scrubbing along the timeline to find the noise when theoretically there should be no level from that track as the clip in the timeline has finished.

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              and as you scrub back and forth over this region, the noise continues to be heard (as if there were a clip there?)  I notice you have the track pre-render/freeze enabled for this track - do you hear this sound if that is disabled?  There's no effects on the track, so the pre-render should have a neglible imapct on playback.

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                daveking87 Level 1

                As I scrub over, I hear a sharp short static sound (just a fraction of a second long, about the same length as but not the same noise as is rendered when the track is exported). Ah, I think I may have misunderstood the pre-render... so it doesn't help with clip effects, just track effects? I had put it on as I was having a bit of bother with playback (many sections weren't playing back at all) & I thought that this may solve the problem (a pop up had warned me previously that the effects may not render in realtime & if not to use the pre-render option).


                When I turn the pre-render option off the track plays absolutely fine as it's meant to, however when I export it out (with the option off), the bleeps are back.

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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  Ack!  Sorry for the confusion - I missed the fact there were clip effects on that clip.  Pre-render will handle both track and clip effects.


                  If you disable those two effects on the clip, but keep pre-render ON, is the noise audible?

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                    daveking87 Level 1

                    No problem.


                    With pre-render on & all effects off it is still audible & visible (although not so loud as there's an amplify effect on there which seems to be amplifying the static). With pre-render off & all effects off or on the noise is gone.

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                      _durin_ Adobe Employee

                      Okay, I was able to reproduce this bug in the public beta, but unable to make it happen in the most recent internal builds.  Judging from some very similar bug entries, it looks like this was caught and addressed a few months ago.  Thanks for the notification and helping me troubleshoot and verify it won't be a problem at launch!

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                        daveking87 Level 1

                        No worries, thanks for letting me know that I wasn't just being daft! Out of interest, how close are we to the full product launch?

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                          _durin_ Adobe Employee

                          I'm not authorized to disclose release information until it's been announced by the corporate release teams.  I will share that information in this forum as soon as I'm able to do so.