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    Don't see Adobe 10 folder, did not reboot yet


      when the update message appeared, I clicked details and saw that there were 3 Reader 10 patches.  Had one pdf already opened, so while files were downloading & installing.  I checked the version.  It was 9.4.2 (Opened file again, now says 9.4.3).  Closed it and chose not to reboot after install finished.

      Wondering why I wasn't already in 10 if this was the 2nd patch to the original 10 update.  So began searching Reader Forum and saw ALL THOSE PROBLEMS with X and noticed that 9 should still be in programs.  So went to look. 9 was there, but didn't find 10, which I NOW DO NOT want to update to!


      Did find some files with version # 9.4.2.xxx and several with 9.4.3.yyy( in folders dated today).  So is 9.4.3.yyy really 10.0.2?  IE, will it change to 10.0.2 after a reboot?    If X shows up, will I have trouble changing back to 9.4.z.xxx?


      Using Win XP Home SP3.

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          Currently there are 3 Adobe Reader tracks going in parallel-

          1. Reader 8.x

          2. Readr 9.x

          3. Reader X.x


          User will be updated only to the latest version of the Reader-track-already-installed on the machine.


          Since you had 9.4.2 Reader installed on your system so you will be updated to the next update meant for 9.x track only. So you were successfully updated to 9.4.3.


          Using Updater you cannot upgrade from 9.x to 10.x.

          In order to upgrade to Reader X you have to download Reader X from Adobe's site and install it.


          Clicking on Details link you are taken to a page where all updates avaliable for all tracks are mentioned.

          Below  Reader 10 entry on the page you can see there is an update 9.4.3 also given.


          Some files with version # 9.4.2.xxx and several with 9.4.3.yyy is Expected.

          Only files which are updated by the 9.4.3 update will have the new versions.


          So Reboot will not make any difference in your case .

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            mariedesi Level 1

            THANK YOU so much Deepak!   NOW I understand and will save this! 


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