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    Print as image doesn't work Adober Reader X

    duane wong

      Recently, I tried to print out a 'For Sale' .pdf file available from autotrader.com and it split the image into two parts and didn't print out as displayed on the computer screen with an hp d2445 deskjet printer. I tried to follow a suggestion found in the forums for Adobe Reader that says to mark the 'Print as image' box in the advanced print setup part of the Adobe Reader program to no avail.


      What should I do in this situation beyond check marking this box?


      I did try another printer on another machine and it printed correctly. I called hp about this problem and they said that it was likely a problem with the Adobe Reader software or a problem with the driver for the hp d2445 printer which was purchased in 2009 but is now considered obsolete in 2011. It seems to me, that if it looks ok on the screen it should print out ok on the printer, though. So, I was disappointed for this printer. I also tried to reinstall windows 7 32 bit home premium, and reinstalled the drivers for the printer from hp.com to no avail. The troubleshooting utility for the printer indicates that all systems are go.