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    System for AE and PPro cs5



      I have finally got the budget for a long overdue upgrade from an amd turion 1,8 ghz laptop and i am considering two build options. One with a raid controller and one without one, going on software raid 0 with backup on external hdds.

      Basicly both options are with the same core components, different beeing only the storage options

      Option 1


      I like it because it has a lot of sata 2 and 3 inputs

      Mainboard Asrock P67   Extreme6 B3

      174 eur


      I plan to overclock to 4.2ghz

      CPU Intel Core i7 2600K   SandyBridge BOX

      275 eur

      CPU Cooler

      CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D14

      80 eur


      4 x RAM Kingston DDR3 4096MB 1333MHz CL9

      150 eur


      Not sure if it will sustain my storage configuration and a 4.2 ghz overclock...

      PSU Corsair CMPSU-850HX 850W

      153.4 eur



      I just need 2 min so i could save my projects and shut down, i think its enough wattage...

      UPS Apollo 1100F

      54 eur


      I like this one because it has 8 HDD spaces and a lot of fans. I would have liked a LianLi, but there is no dealership in Romania.

      Case Antec Dark Fleet DF-85

      168 eur

      Video Card

      Would consider one with a Display port output, but not sure if i need one. I have a LED Samsung tv with only HDMI and VGA connections, and i would like sometimes to view the edit on a TV, not on a IPS panel monitor that i will buy:)

      Video Card Palit GeForce GTX   580 1536MB DDR5

      441 eur

      External storage

      Pretty good price and performance. I have 5 of these on usb 2.0, and i edited full hd P2 40min+, 3 layer multicam materials on these babies. Not too fast scrooling, but realtime playback ok.

      HDD extern Samsung Story Station   Plus 1.5TB USB 3.0

      85 eur

      Optical Drive

      Basic need, i prefer IDE because i can use the extra sata port on a hdd

      LiteON   LNIHAP122-19 DVD-RW Black

             20 eur


      At first, and then his big brother HP LP2475W


      Monitor LCD HP ZR24w

            360 eur




      Here i have 2 possible configurations

      Option 1: 6 TB - 4 HDD + 1 SSD

      SSD for OS and page file

      2x Seagate raid 0 for project files

      2x WD raid 0 for media cache

      2 x HDD Seagate Baracuda XT 2000GB   SATA SATA 3

      281 eur

      2x HDD Western Digital Caviar Black   1000GB 7200rpm SATA 3 64MB

      155 eur

      SSD OCZ Vertex 3 2.5 120GB SATA   3 MLC

      258 eur

      Option 2: 8 TB - 9HDD


      Controller server Intel   INSASMF8I

      221 eur



      9x HDD Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 32Mb                                                   562 eur



      And an OS 320GB disk.

      The controller option is a  bit more expensive, but performance-wise, i understand its better. I tried to find areca, but they are not sold in Romania, and i need the warranty, so i cannot order from abroad. US prices are better, but when it comes in my country, i have to pay VAT wich in the end adds up to more then its worth at prices locally.

      I tried to find in the user guide of the controller if i can add hdds to the array without formatting, so i could buy at first just 4 hdds and then add as i make the budget available.

      First and foremost worry i have is that wthout the controller i have sata 3, and a 6 tb capacity with 4 hdds, rather than a 8 tb in a 9 hdd array... kind'ov expensive for the number of hdds... If i would add 2tb hdds to the array, it would be way over budget....

      Total budget would be around 2800-2900 Euro...


      I would like some opinions on the build if you have the time.


      Thank you,

      Sebastian Plamadeala

      Bucharest, Romania