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    Need Help with Inserting Timeline Markers

    Andy Lim



      I have not use my premiere element 3.2 since 2008 and forgot some of the procedures. now, I need help with the insertion of Timeline Markers. I did what the Help Page showed me. But the markers were not effective in the resulting DVD, or, even when viewing the video in the editing page as if thye were not there! Here is what I did:.


      1)  Click the Timeline button.

      2)  Click in an empty space in a video or audio track in the Timeline to make the Timeline active and deselect any clips.

      3)  Move the current-time indicator in the Timeline to the frame where I need the marker.

      4)  Click the Add Marker icon in the Timeline to place the Marker 5 times where I want them.

      5)  Verified that each Timeline Marker is present at the intended place.


      6)  Burned DVD

      7)  Can NOT jump to any of the intended Marker in the Resulting DVD during playback.


      The question is "What did I do wrong or didn't do?" It seems that I did the same before and worked! Please advise!


      Also, what are the significance of the Red line just below the Timeline and the yellow bars inside the video and audio frames. But after preforming Timeline/Render Work Area, they were all gone? What purposes do they serve and what is the significance of Rendering? Thank you for your help!


      I repeat the process and did a Rendering before making the DVD also. It did not help!


      Andy Lim

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It appears that you added unnumbered markers to your timeline rather than Menu Markers. (Unnumbered markers are just reference markers.)


          Menu Markers are red, green or blue.


          There is a button to click on the timeline to create these markers.  They can also be set by selecting the option under the Disc menu at the top of the program.

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            Andy Lim Level 1



            Long time no talk! You used to help me out many times when the PE-1 through PE-3 came out. I was HOPING you would still be around and you are! You came through again this time! Many thanks to you.


            I use the Add DVD Scene button to insert the Markers. They are Green. Made a DVD and the markers work OK although ythey are "effective" during play back using the editing window.


            While that problem was solved, will you come back and answer the other two questions concerning Rendering and the Red/Yellow lines? I would appreciate it very much!


            Andy Lim



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I've been busy writing books for Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements, Andy, and running my own Premiere Elements support site, http://Muvipix.com, in addition to hosting here for the past 7 years.


              In fact, you may want to check out my free Basic Training tutorials at Muvipix. They'll help you with a lot of these basic questions.


              The red lines above the timeline indicate that the timeline needs to be rendered. This happens when photos or incompatible video has been added to the timeline or effects or transitions have been added to your clips. If too much of your project needs to be rendered, your playback will lug or play poorly.


              To render your timelines, press the Enter key or select Render Timeline from the Timeline menu. The red lines will turn green and your playback should improve greatly.


              The yellow lines are level indicators. On video, this line usually indicates opacity, and lowering this line makes your video transparent.


              On audio, the line usually represents the clip's volume level. When keyframes are added to this line, you can raise and lower your volume at specific points in your video so that, for instance, your music level can lower when there is narration, etc.


              There are other settings for these yellow lines, but these are the default settings. And details on how to use them can be found in my books and tutorials.


              Hope you'll drop by Muvipix and say hi!

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                Andy Lim Level 1

                Beautiful, Steve!


                Now that you had explained it, I think I DID know what the Yellow Lines were at one time as I used to adjust the audio level a lot and had noticed the lines heights vary as I went. But, after a few years of lack of using the program, the memory is GONE! This is what Age (approaching 80!) can do for you!


                I really apreciate the invitation to your Muvipix site. I certainly will sent for your book as well. Thanks again!


                Andy Lim



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Thanks, Andy! Hope to see you around the forums!