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    working with MP4 clips in CS5


      Hello to everyone



      I am editing clips , video mp4 files, in CS5. I am customizing the sequence settings because each of these clips have diffrent sizes. I want to export in mp4 as well and try to keep the closer possible quality to the original file


      a) When I am exporting I set the file to be exported in the same size than the original, and this is a 16:9 format, but the exported file comes out in 4:3 , why is this? the export setting is clearly in 16:9 dimensions, like the original video and the sequence setting is


      b) to export to mp4 like the original, I am choosing the h.264 code settings, is this the way to go to keep the closest possible quality to the original?




      Thanks a lot for your help and best regards

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          a.)  What are the exact export settings used?


          b.) No.  H.264 is a very lossy compression standard.  You've already got one layer of compression in the original, adding another will further degrade the image.  This may be unavoidable.  Plenty of people shoot in AVCHD, and then deliver on Blu-ray.  Here you have two layers of compression.  But if you don't want to lose any quality from the original, you'll need to export out a lossless format.  A Microsoft AVI using None, Lagarith or UT as the Codec will provide such.

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            lascabezas Level 1

            a) In the first particular video, the one I am trying now. The export setting is


            output:  pal 440x352 25fps, AAC, 192, 48kb     and the origin sequence is  440x352 , 25, , is a 16:9 size but I am getting the video in 4:3



            b) I am working with Mac, the original video is Mp4, so should I export to Avi or quicktime then?





            Thanks a lor for your help

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              lascabezas Level 1

              a) I was wrong, a 440 width is actually a 247 heith, I corrected and is coming out good now in h.264. But if I export to quicktime I cant customize the ouptup, it has to be 720x576, even when the is in 16.9 aspect ratio, I can´t change the size like I could do in the h.264 option



              Thanks a lot

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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                the origin sequence is  440x352


                That is not a standard video size.  From where did the files originate?