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    Convert MP4 to WMV in PE9



      need to convert a number of MP4 files into WMV format and was told that Premiere Elements would be able to do this for me.  I am a newbie with this all and am struggling with how to actually perform these conversions.  Is there an easy way to convert multiple files at the same time?


      Thanks much!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements is, technically, not a file conversion program. It's a video editor with output options.


          However, it's limited in the types of video it can work with and what it can output from them.


          Mp4s often do not work as source files in Premiere Elements unless they came from a compatible camcorder.


          You may want to look into a program called Super, which is a free video convertor. If all you're trying to do is convert one type of video to another, it's a much better option.


          BTW, WMVs can come a dozens of quality levels, sizes and compression levels. What do you plan to do with this WMV once you create it? That can determine whether you want an editable full-resolution WMV, one optimized for online display or another of its many forms.

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            biggcb Level 1

            Thanks a lot for the information!


            The files in question are mostly recorded training sessions as well as various types of presentations.

            They were originally in a .VCM file format format, so we converted them to MP4s, but since my company's current version of Windows Media Player does not support MP$s, we needed to come up with a different file format.  We thought WMV was the best way to go, but am not 100% sold.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm still not clear on what kind of camcorder your video was shot with or what you ultimately plan to do with your final video. But, with that file format (VCM), I don't think Premiere Elements is your best choice.


              As I said, if all you want to do is convert your video, you should use a program like Super.


              I think you'll find Premiere Elements very frustrating to use with VCM source footage.

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                biggcb Level 1

                No wonder you are unclear - I think what I am doing is so out of the realm of where your head is at with PE9. 


                We have training sessions and presentations that were recorded via the AT&T Connect/Interwise online meeting tool that we need to get converted to a more standard file format.  No camcorders or video cameras of any sort are involved.  The recordings of these sessions are natively done in a .VCR file format by the AT&T Connect/Interwise tool and upon some minor editing, are saved as .VCM files.  These are recordings of training classes that we make available to employees for subjects that do not really change over time as well as presentations from executives, etc. that need to be retained and made available.  We need to get these files converted to something usable within Windows Media Player and the only option we found was to convert them into MP4.  As I mentioned above, my company's version WMP will not play MP4s, so now we need to a 2nd round of conversion and thought WMV was our best way to go.  I was let to believe I would be able to use PE9 to convert these MP4s, but that does not seem to be the case.


                All I need to do is simply convert these MP4s, so I will take a look at Super.


                Thanks again for all of your assistance!

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Google or search the forums for the free Media Player Classic which might/should play your mp4 files