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    Premiere Pro CS5 Not exportting to tape on TWO different Computers!!! HELP


      I had a prior post in january with a new desktop having problems exporting to tape. when it would export a blue screen would come up at random times breaking up the recording. almost like the camera was losing signal with the computer.


      Im capturing and exporting using a Canon XHG1 HDV camera.

      Both the Laptop (sony vpcf11x) and Desktop (custom with intel sandybridge motherboard) can CAPTURE tapes fine. but export causes problems on BOTH machines.

      Both of my computers (a laptop and desktop use the Intel i7 chipset.


      I have a Third desktop (gateway something or other) that ive been using Sony Vegas to Export to tape and it WORKS EVERYTIME! with the same Camera and Firewire Cable.


      Itried installing Sony Vegas onto the new Desktop to export and I get the SAME problem that I get with Exporting with Premiere.


      has anyone else heard of these problems? it is really starting to irritate me. with everything ive done, it has to be something with Adobe. how can i have the same problem on two different computers?